Any property that is the subject of a Tax Deed Sale is sold on an "AS IS" basis and buyers are responsible for conducting their own research as to the condition of the property and the state of the title of the property being sold.

The Putnam County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller makes no warranties or representations of any kind or character, expressed or implied, with regards to the location or condition of the property, the location or condition of structures or fixtures, marketability, existing or potential uses, property boundaries, zoning, zoning regulations or laws that may affect current or future uses of the property, outstanding or potential liens, mortgages or encumbrances, defects in title that may exist, or the presence or lack of presence of a mobile home.

We recommend strongly that you research the properties before the sale day so you will understand what you are purchasing. You should check for liens, zoning, restrictive covenants, etc.  It is the buyer's responsibility to determine whether there are any liens or other encumbrances that will survive the Tax Deed sale.  To inquire about government liens, please contact the appropriate agency.  The buyer should also investigate whether additional taxes may be due or if further legal action is necessary.

Information provided by the Clerk of Circuit Court/Comptroller should be considered as basic information only and may not be applicable to every situation.  The Clerk's Office cannot assist in researching properties, nor can we give legal advice.  YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FOR EACH PROPERTY or consult with a qualified attorney.

Below are additional resources to possibly consider while conducting your research.

Putnam County Property Appraiser (386) 329-0292
Putnam County Tax Collector (386) 329-0272
Putnam County Planning & Development (386) 329-0307
Putnam County Code Enforcement (386) 329-0317
City of Palatka Code Enforcement (386) 329-0115 ext. 229
City of Palatka Building & Zoning (386) 329-0100
Public Access terminals are also available for use in the Clerk of Courts/Comptroller's Office.

I understand and accept the above statement.